Sunday, 29 April 2012

Avocado and Egg on toast

Struck by how many of our posts involve chocolate we decided to try to find some of the (many) recipes we have that don't contain the stuff!  Breakfast dishes seemed a good place to start and I was reminded of a lovely, simple dish we used to have a while back.

The ingredients were gathered together - avocado (ripe), slice of Genius gluten free seeded bread and one egg.

Then, whilst the bread was being toasted, the avocado was mashed and the egg was fried.

Once the avocado was mashed, it was spread on the warm slice of toast.

After covering the toast with the avocado, the fried egg was added and our healthy, quick and tasty snack was ready to eat.
If you want to make this a more 'hearty' meal, then adding some fried bacon works very well indeed!

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