Friday, 15 February 2013

Devilishly Delicious Desserts

We tracked down some interesting looking cartons in the chilled dessert section of the supermarket the other week.  On the side of the cartons there was lovely, clear labelling to say the contents are Gluten Free.  As Sous Chef J likes all things yellow we decided to try out the Sicilian Lemon Pot and also the Pannacotta.

The instructions on the back of the carton are nice and simple, just as we like them to be.  So, we opened the Sicilian Lemon carton, poured the contents into a non-stick pan and boiled, vigourously, for 2 minutes as instructed.  We did remember to stir a couple of times during the boiling and also used the time to find our ramekins.

Once the two minutes was up, the dessert was shared between the ramekins as evenly as possible.  These were then placed in the fridge to cool for a couple of hours (but we think they could also be made the day before you needed them, covered and chilled til serving time.)  Finally we 'attempted' to pipe some whipped cream on top... the rustic result was very tasty!

Sous Chef J thinks that the addition of some lemon zest would be good the next time we make them.

You can find out about the other products here -  - and they have a handy stockists' finder on the site too.

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