Thursday, 9 June 2016

Marks and Spencer's Made Without Wheat 2016

Marks and Spencer have a much larger range of "Made Without" products... and many of them are Made Without Wheat (MWW).  The aim of this blogpose is to provide details about a few that have made Sous Chef J ask for "more, please!", as well as others.
There are NEW chiller cabinet items - including pasta ready meals - supplementing the range. We have now tried the Macaroni Cheese, Spaghetti Bolgnese and Lasagne.   They are all tasty and we choose to oven cook our ready meals (SCJ asked what a ready meal was - which indicates how rare such an item is in this household)

Sous Chef J particularly "LOVED" the Rhubarb Crumble and also the Strawberry Trifle (which he will devour at one sitting, given the chance).

Servings of crumble and trifle tend not to last long... 

Also in the MWW range, there is a lovely Apple Pie and a New York Cheesecake... don't be fooled by the size of the cheesecake - each morsel is packed with calories and we struggled to eat the (small sized) cake between three of us.

Picnic items are also in evidence - with a Quiche Lorraine and a Cheese and Onion Quiche.  Sous Chef J doesn't like the Scotch Eggs but we do... and we've tried the Sausage Rolls too.

Always a favourite are the Salmon Fishcakes and the Chicken (and mushroom - don't tell SCJ) crispbakes.  These are often on offer at two packs (of 2) for £3.
In the ambient section, there's a good offering of cakes and bread (mostly).  Crumpets and cake mixes, plus pasta are also stocked.

SCJ favours the MWW White Boule and will eat the lot... we had to try the MWW Brown Bloomer (£3 for 6 slices - eye watering!) but he wasn't keen... even dressed up with cheese and chutney as sarnies.

Overall, we appreciate the increased range very much but still make a plea for "RELIABILITY OF AVAILABILITY"... without this it's difficult to rely on being able to buy products (in ALL M&S food halls)... after all, we can't spend our money on items if the goods aren't on the shelves!

PS In addition to the MWW range, there are still plenty of 'mainstream' products marked with a glutenfree symbol - the grill range and tortilla chips are go-to items for us too.  We love M&S for this!


  1. How come my store doesn't ha e any off these goodies you sell

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comment. We agree it's really irritating that M&S don't support these products in ALL their stores. We've raised this with them a number of times on twitter and by email to head office but are always advised to raise product requests in store ... usually we've already done this so it is VERY frustrating. Customers have to know about the products to be able to ask for them so, hopefully, this blogpost is something you could use to inform any request?! Do hope it's of help.

  2. Can M&S please send me a list of the GF foods in the shop please? I am disabled and so cannot get there. I can ask a friend to get them for me if I know what is available. Please please allow us to do shopping on line for food. You can always piggy back on the deliveries of another company eg Ocado?

    1. Here's a link through M&S website I know from experience you have to ask in store, often, to get any change in stocking. Persistence does pay off though! Good luck.

  3. We like the totillas too and the triffle tasted amazing. I would advise a good scour around your local store as I kept finding new lines tucked away at the edge of cabinets e.g. the ready meals were in a separate chiller to the crispbakes and the quiche and sctoch eggs were in a 3rd chiller location.

    1. Good advice. It pays to be vigilent... and make request/s to stock items you are keen to try!