Sunday, 30 October 2016

Rule of Crumb Garlic Bread

We'd been keeping an eye out for Rule of Crumb part-baked bread for some time... finally found it at Ocado and ordered some (it came frozen - £2.75 a loaf)

Yesterday was the day to try it... as we were having a "pasta based evening meal". 

The bread comes in a cook-in-the-bag wrapper.

It was then baked according to the pack instructions (hot oven for 15 mins) and was smelling great by the time it was removed... noting the packing is HOT when baking's done, we took care in releasing from the wrapper.

The garlic bread is pre-cut and filled with butter lengthwise.  It was lovely and crunchy and there was the perfect amount of garlic butter for our tastes.

We cut it into three chunks and shared it between us.  It was a really great accompaniment to our pasta meals and, best of all, Sous Chef J loved every crumb... even eating the crust.  We'll be re-stocking asap to have as a freezer standby!