Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer Fruits Dessert

This recipe is something that's we've been making for years... the idea came from liking crème brûlée and spotting a similar recipe in a magazine 20 years or so ago... It's a simple recipe and, because the bulk of it can be prepared ahead of time with just the "brûlée" being completed at the last minute, it's a quick pud idea.

Ingredients we used are - strawberries (about 6 washed, hulled and sliced), nectarines (we used 2 which had their stone removed and were cut into small segments), one large pot of crème fraîche, some gluten free ratafia/amaretti bisuits and a liberal tablespoonful of demerara sugar (the amount used will depend on the size of dish and depth of 'crunch' you're aiming for).

We have an ovenproof ceramic casserole dish (with lid) for this.  First of all, the base of the dish was layered
with the nectarine slices before the strawberries were laid on top.
Next the biscuits were added and, finally, the crème fraîche was spooned on.

Once all the crème fraîche had been placed in the bowl and 'leveled out' with a spoon, a few sharp taps of the dish were required to allow it to seep through the layers beneath.  At this point Sous Chef J likes to look out for the escaping air
bubbles in the surface.

Next the dish was covered and placed in the fridge to chill. It can be kept there (overnight if required) until just before serving.

Having chilled the dish, the demerara sugar was sprinkled over the top.

Then the dish was placed under a hot grill until the sugar started to caramelise (you need to watch this as it can turn from golden to burnt quickly!)

As the sugar cools, it will solidify into a crispy, crackling caramel topping... don't wait too long to serve it though, it becomes soft fairly rapidly.

We served 6 portions from these ingredients so it's a good way to make soft, summer fruits 'go further'.