Friday, 20 May 2011

Salmon Salad

This is a recipe for a store cupboard salad that we often make to take out for meals on the move over the summer months. As always, there's not much involved and it can be prepared the day before its needed so is perfect for days out that require an early start.

Just a few ingredients are needed and these are:- about half a cup of peanuts (salted or unsalted), one small tin of salmon (remove skin and bones then flake), two apples (cored and chopped into 1cm pieces), 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and the juice of half a lemon.
The mayonnaise and lemon juice were mixed in a large bowl. Next the chopped apples were added and coated in the mayonnaise mix before adding the peanuts. All the ingredients were mixed again before the salmon flakes were stirred through. This was the result... .. it's stored in a pyrex dish in the fridge until we're ready to eat.

It is great to take on a picnic in individual portions or can be served with a green salad as a tasty light meal.

Serves 4 (with green salad) or more as a side dish...


  1. That's my wife's packed lunch sorted! She will love this. Thanks for linking up with the Recipe Shed again.
    Keith (RHD)

  2. I love this idea - never served cold salmon with apples and peanuts before. I must try this. Thanks.

  3. I love those 3 little words 'store cupboard salad'- indeed it is and I believe I have all ingredients at the ready! I LOVE salmon, and peanuts- what a result. Can I also add that I really admire what you are doing with your blog- my son had severe reflux and multiple food intolerances up to recently- it was really tough and any recipes we could find were a godsend. He is only recently able to eat fish (from 2.5 yrs he tolerated it, he is 3 now) so I am delighted he can share this too! :)

    1. Delighted you like the blog and that you think this recipe will work for you and your son.

      Getting a 'bank' of useable recipes was the key to us managing J's intolerances easily. Six years later we have many recipes to call upon. This Salmon Salad is a regular in our spring/summer meal plans!