Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lumpy Lane

This recipe is our version of Rocky Road... we call it Lumpy Lane as it's a bit thinner and has more potholes! Basically, we make it when we have broken/nearly out of date Gluten Free biscuits to make use of. Today's effort uses TRUfree Digestive Biscuits (which come in 150g packets made up of 3 wrapped packs of 5 biscuits). We used a whole packet today but, probably, should have only used 100g as the resultant mix was a little drier than we usually make. We have used shortbread biscuits in the past and these work equally well.

Today's ingredients were:- 150g Gluten Free Digestive biscuits, 150g dark chocolate, 100g marshmallows, a handful of walnut pieces and a handful of sultanas.

After breaking the bar of chocolate into more manageable pieces, they were put in a bowl and placed over warm water to melt... this is an 'arty' shot of the result! (we're trying out the macro)

Whilst the chocolate was melting, sous chef J had a busy time making sure the Digestive biscuits were broken up and I cut the marshmallows into smaller pieces (obviously, if we'd had the small GF marshmallows, this step would not be needed). I also chopped up the walnut pieces a little but the sultanas were left whole.

Next, all the dry ingredients were put in a bowl and mixed.

Then came the fun bit... adding the molten chocolate to the mix...
... sous chef J was now kept busy making sure that the chocolate coated as much of the mix as possible. He then poured the mix into a non-stick loaf tin and pressed it down.

The loaf tin was wrapped in cling film and placed in the fridge to chill. After some cooling time, the loaf tin was removed and the Lumpy Lane was sliced into portions.
We then stored it in airtight containers in the fridge... but not for long! It's great with a coffee, however, it doesn't last more than about 24 hours in this household.


  1. I like this recipe. Must try it. Just as a thought - I read that while Marshmallows are GF, the process to make them involves putting them in moulds lined with flour to shape them. Do you have GF marshmallows?

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Re marshmallows... we had small ones (from Dr Oetker I think) that were GF last time we made this... but this time used just 'normal' ones that don't list gluten in ingredients. Of course, each person should source ingredients according to their own dietary needs.

  3. I love this recipe. The Lumpy Lane or Rocky Road version. Well done! Keep it up :-)

  4. Great stuff - perfect activity for a cold day. I love the name, lumpy lane! A great gluten free treat!