Monday, 19 November 2012

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar

Once again, we are lucky to be one of Hotel Chocolat's Christmas bloggers.  Their website has a useful 'genre' dropdown menu which contains details of chocolate types and dietary needs that can be selected as necessary.  Here you can find out information relating to the products.

 Five weeks today it will be Christmas Eve...and this year we have been sent a Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar which retails for £12.  It has book-type folded design and opening the calendar reveals numbered windows behind which there are mini-chocolates to be opened each day during Advent.

Sous Chef J was adamant we were NOT to start the advent calendar yet as "it's not December" but did work out that he could access the chocolates behind the windows "for blog purposes" and here's a pic he took of what he found.

As you can see, there are lovely little chocolate figures waiting behind the foil - one for each day... Sous Chef J thinks they look 'bitesized' so I don't think I'll get a look in once December is with us!

Whilst we're blogging about Hotel Chocolat... in the summer we found out they have a factory shop in Huntingdon near where B works.  Naturally, we had to visit and here's Sous Chef J striding purposefully towards the store entrance.  Inside, we discovered a vast selection of short dated items and loads of special offers.  It's well worth a visit if you live in the area... and is open daily, in case you were wondering.

Disclaimer - Hotel Chocolat sent us the Advent Calendar for free.  We have not been paid for this blogpost and all the pictures and opinions are our own.  Thank you to @HotelChocolat and Beth.

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