Friday, 1 August 2014

Duck Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce

This is a meal we decided to make using some slow cooked duck legs, Blue Dragon pancakes and hoisin sauce.   Sous Chef J is very fond of finger food and we hoped this would be a dish he'd like to get his hands on.

Preparing the ingredients was easy.  The duck legs were cooked in the slow cooker (seasoning added). 

We removed the skin from the duck legs before the meat was 'pulled' from the bones using two forks to give a pile of shredded meat.

A 10cm length of cucumber was cut in half then sliced into thin sticks.  A handful of salad (spring?) onions were also sliced into thin sticks, of similar size to the cucumber.

Next, it was simply a matter of preparing the pancakes according to the instructions on the packet. 
It's really easy - just place them in just boiled water for 15 to 20 seconds - we did a batch and then stacked them on a clean tea towel before assembling.

Finally, assembly began... by layng the cucumber and onion in a line, adding some shredded duck and then rolling the pancake (taking care to fold in one end to stop escaping innards).

Serving the rolls with hoisin dipping sauce and prawn crackers meant we had a tasty meal of finger food.

The skin, which we'd removed from the joints prior to shredding, was added to a hot frying pan and quickly crisped up.  Tasty either with the pancake rolls or as an addition to a salad another time.

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