Friday, 8 August 2014

Chicken Fajitas Kit

At the Birmingham Coeliac UK food fair last month (held in Sutton Coldfield) we bought a Fajita Kit (containing  6 gluten and wheat free multigrain wraps, a seasoning sachet and a double sachet of salsa) from @BFreeFoods.  They looked like a fab idea for a quick evening meal for the three of us and, as Sous Chef J likes spicy foods, he was keen to try them. 

All we needed to make our speedy evening meal yesterday was the Fajita Kit, peppers, onion and chicken.

Making the fajitas is simple.  We sliced some peppers and onion.

A tablespoon of oil was added to a warm frying pan and the chicken was cooked until no pink was showing.

Next the onions, peppers and fajita seasoning were added to the pan and stirred through. 

Whilst the spicy meat and veg mix was being cooked, we heated up the wraps - we don't have a microwave (don't all gasp in horror... life can continue without one!!) - we used silicone sheet in a lidded skillet to quickly heat them through for a minute on a high flame... then left them in the pan to absorb the heat.

Once all was ready, the wraps were spread with salsa, meat mix was added and rolling began...

... remembering to fold in one end so the contents didn't deposit themselves in Sous Chef J's lap as he ate the fajita!

We think this is a great kit and will be taking one on our next holiday... once we find out where to buy more!

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