Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hamster heaven

Wow. What a lot of lovely lot of following/followers we have on twitter. I happened to see a tweet from cupcake maker extraordinaire @MrsAitchB the other day where she was sharing pics of her magnificent animal decorations (she is also know as the Cupcake Artisan).  I asked whether she did a hamster, which of course she did, and she kindly offered to send a pic to Sous Chef J.

Well, you can imagine the delight when, instead of a picture of hammy, this amazing parcel was delivered to us today...  

Not only did it have a card with the hamster pic on, but also some freshly made Gluten Free cupcakes and a specially made hamster cupcake decoration too!

@MrsAitchB had written a note to tell us we need to eat the cupcakes today - so that's what we'll be doing...  Sous Chef J says he will try to remember to take a few pics of his decorations before he eats the cakes but can't promise anything.  An update will be posted if he manages it.

Thanks again, @MrsAitchB.  You are extremely talented and we appreciate your kindness greatly.

Evening Update - the decorated cakes... 

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  1. Wow! They are fantastic. @MrsAitchB is very talented!