Thursday, 4 September 2014

Coconut Traybake

This is a recipe from the Dove's Farm website - we tweaked it a little by turning it into a traybake, using raspberry jam and also slightly changing the method!

Following our usual style, we collected the ingredients together and weighed out the quantities required.

We lined a 7" by 11" baking tray (not the 8"x8" tin the recipe used)

and combined the dry ingredients together.

Next, the wet ingredients were beaten using a hand mixer until the foam on the top remained when the beaters were removed.

The method in the recipe says to add dry to wet ingredients so we did this, even though it seemed the wrong way round.

Having mixed the newly combined ingredients together, the cake batter was poured into the lined tray.

Placing the tray into a pre-heated fan oven at 180ÂșC, the timer was set for 35 minutes.  After this time, we moved the tray to a lower shelf and set the timer for a further 10 minutes.

A skewer was inserted into the cake to see if it came out clean (which would indicate a cooked cake mix) and when it did, the tray was removed from the oven and left on a wire rack to cool.

In a change from the Dove's Farm method, we then spread our raspberry jam over the cooling cake in a thin layer.

Once the cake was fully cooled, it was cut up and served with coconut milk custard.

The cake was very much thinner and less cake-like than is shown in the picture on the Dove's Farm site.  However, it was happily eaten by Sous Chef J who requested seconds.  We think it's more of a coconut bar than a cake... but a tasty treat, whatever it's called!

Disclosure - we were sent some Dove's Farm speciality flours to try and chose to use the tapioca flour in this recipe.  The views are our own and we were not required to blog about the products.

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