Friday, 14 November 2014

Party Ring Biscuits

Our take on party rings started out as a bit of trial and error but we were pleased with the end result and will be making more.

We had some biscuit dough in the freezer (the dough recipe from here) and allowed it to defrost before cutting 0.5cm discs from it.  These were flattened slightly using a rolling pin and, using a long-ago-purchased (from Tchibo), biscuit cutter we cut circular biscuits whose centres were also cut out and ejected.

The cookies were placed on a non-stick baking tray and cooked until golden (8-10 mins in 170ºC oven - depends on thickness).  Once fully cooled, the icing was prepared - we made a small batch of yellow and another of pink.
Starting with the yellow icing, it was spread on the rings using a thin silicone spatula before being dipped in yellow and orange citrus flavour strands.

Next, the remaining ring biscuits were iced in pink.  After this a circle of white icing was piped onto the pink biscuits and, using a cocktail stick, it was dragged through the white icing to leave a trail behind.
The pink party rings were most like the 'traditional' shop-bought biscuit and were eaten quickly.  Placing the orange and yellow party rings in an airtight box, they were stored for eating later.  The 'innards' of the party rings were also cooked and made a great 'with a cuppa' treat.

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