Monday, 5 October 2015

Free From Gluten in North Norfolk

Followers of this blog will be aware we visit North Norfolk a few times a year.  This is not just because of its easy accessibility to us by car or the scenery which we love but also due to the ready availability of tasty gluten free food when eating out.

We've blogged about the Art Cafe at Glandford before but it really is an absolute favourite of ours and, with the discovery this year of their "awesome frangipane" cake, but the apricot slice was also a massive hit in July.  We have even made a day trip from the Midlands there for Sunday morning coffee and cake.  The coffees and drinks on offer are also worth travelling for - the latte is always spot on the right temperature for drinking and the perfect milk to coffee ratio for me.  J loves their 'dark hot chocolate'.
A new this year find is Eric's Fish and Chips at Drove Orchards, Thornham.  They are open 12-9pm every day and always have gluten free battered fish and chips on sale.  Also, we've tried the pineapple fritter which was crisp and juicy.  Taking Peppie dog with us means we haven't 'eaten in' at Eric's but we have made use of their picnic benches, handily outside, and also driven to nearby Hunstanton beach with take away.

Also found, much to B's delight, was a range of gluten free local Norfolk ales.  They are produced at the Poppyland Brewery, a micro brewery based in Cromer. B bought a selection and enjoyed them all. 

We also like visiting the National Trust's Felbrigg Hall as their cafe is dog friendly and they sell gluten free cakes from Baked to Taste - always a welcome find on our travels.

Leaving you with a pic of J about to 'dig in' to his haddock and chips... lovely, crisp gluten free batter.  We aim to travel back for more F&C as a treat sometime over the next few months... we may even try out eating indoors!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Simple, surprising, Chocolate Mousse

Having spotted a recipe of Lorraine Pascale's that looked interesting, we decided to give it a go.

As is usual for us, we didn't have *quite* the right ingredients so made a couple of minor tweaks.  However the recipe remains gluten free, dairy free, added sugar free and egg free.  Plus, it's a one pot 'whiz up' mix which is an added bonus!

The ingredients we used were -

One ripe banana, peeled
One ripe avocado, peeled and stone removed
62g dates, with stones removed
42g unsweetened cocoa powder

(this made enough for three quite large servings)

The banana and dates were put in a food processor, they were whizzed to combine and then the avocado was also added.

Finally, the cocoa powder was added and mixed until all ingredients thoroughly combined.

Splitting the mousse between three serving dishes, they were then cooled until it was time to eat them.  Having a smooth texture, they were very chocolatey and not too rich.  A lovely end to our meal.  Really simple to make and not as bad for you as other chocolate puddings!

Sous Chef J has suggested adding coffee to them the next time we make them - the finely ground instant coffee beans type - and we think the addition of a teaspoon of this will create a lovely rich mocha dessert.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Baking Coconut Biscuits

It was the return of Great British Bake Off on TV in the UK this week.  We'd seen on twitter that @HBFreeFrom were running a competition called Big Free From Bake Challenge - each week a different free from bake will be given.  We entered and were selected for week one which was gluten free baking... and our bake was BISCUITS.

Here's what we said as part of our entry -

We decided to bake a recipe that we make regularly, that is really simple and uses a small amount of ingredients whilst still making tasty biscuits.

Our recipe is printed on yellow paper (for easy reading) and laminated so Sous Chef J can use a white board pen to tick off the steps as they’re completed.

It’s a good beginner’s recipe and, as its steps are detailed clearly, is something that anyone can bake… you most definitely do not have to be a Master Baker to make this!

Here's  a link to the video we submitted... now uploaded to youtube

and this is the recipe
Take a look at the video... we hope you like it.  It really is how we bake... we shot exactly what we do and then had fun with our first ever foray into mp4 files and editing.... quite a lot of editing to get it down to 2 minutes (ish!)