Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dip-in Chicken

As it's been a bit hectic here in the UK recently, Sous Chef J and I decided to create a new (ish) dish for his tea to keep us occupied in a positive way.  So, looking in the fridge, we decided on a quick chicken dish.  Of course, our ingredients are all Gluten Free but this is just as easily made with gluten-containing breadcrumbs.

Sous Chef J gathered the ingredients and took this pic...
So you'll see it really is a simple meal we decided to make.  First step was to slice the chicken breast, it was then dipped in the beaten egg before being covered in the Hale and Hearty Gluten Free Breadcrumbs
When all the pieces of chicken had been coated, they were added to some warmed oil and butter and fried until golden brown.
Then, it was time to 'plate up' with some reheated spicy potato wedges and broccoli... before the addition of an ample squirt of tomato ketchup.
There you have it... a quick Dip-in Chicken meal prepared in about 15 minutes....
...and much appreciated by Sous Chef J.

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