Wednesday, 24 August 2011


In the last post, we mentioned we met up with Charlotte, MD of Go Free Foods Ltd, in order to buy some almond macaroons. Having spotted an opportunity to meet up and buy some macaroons when we were down in London last week, I liaised with Charlotte to find a mutually convenient time and place.   Our expectations were more than exceeded.  We bought 15 almond macaroons (kindly packed in family sized bags of 3 for us) and Charlotte said she'd included some scones too... much to Sous Chef J's delight.

We took possession of the lovely box of goodies and (after our meal at Leon) opened the box when we got back to the hotel.  The macaroons were packed in cellophane bags adorned with pink ribbon bearing labels.  Also inside were the promised scones (two packs) and Sous Chef J was most impressed with their appearance. 

It was agreed to try a macaroon each and save the rest for when we were home.  The macaroons were moist, almondy and dusted in icing sugar... the ingredients are listed as Almonds, sugar, egg and essential oil of bitter almonds.  They were delicious!

When we got home Sous Chef J was keen to get his hands on the scones.  This is what he did...

Scone, cut in half
Added jam and cream

Final creation
Then ate the fruits of his labours... slurp.
What a lovely way to end a hectic couple of days in London!  Thanks again to Charlotte at Go Free Foods Ltd for meeting us... we look forward to seeing you soon.

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