Monday, 8 August 2011

Scrumptious Strawberries

At the weekend we went to Millets Farm Centre and picked rather alot of strawberries... hence, we've been trying to think of ways to make use of them.  So far we have had strawberries and cream, Marvellous Meringue Mess and made strawberry granita (we'll post about this later).  Tonight, we decided to go 'up market' and attempted chocolate dipped strawberries.
So Sous Chef J's ingredient haul was - strawberries, dark choc chunks and white choc chunks.  We proceeded to melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.  Next the washed strawberries were 'enrobed' in the chocolate - or at least dunked in it.
These chocolate tipped strawberries were then laid out on a silicone sheet whilst we moved onto the melting of the white chocolate.
It seems the high cocoa butter content of white chocolate plays havoc with the melting.  So, having sought advice on twitter (thanks @Naaaade) about a tablespoon of double cream was added to the white chocolate and then combined to make a melted offering.
Finally this white chocolate mix was 'drizzled' (or perhaps that should be deluged) over the strawberries... and this is the result...
They were very tasty and, although we like our rustic presentation, need a few more attempts to get them looking more MasterChef like!


  1. These look so scrumptious! And the presentation works for me :-)

  2. Thanks Alison... as you can imagine, they 'fruits of our labours' don't last long anyway so presentation is hardly important!! x