Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chocolate Pizza & Snowy Bites

We were looking for a 'healthy' option for a chocolate snack... and Sous Chef J decided on a "pizza" with fruity bits.

So, chocolate types were gathered.

The  dark and white chocolates were melted, separately, and a disk of dark chocolate was spread on silicone paper. It was about 15cm (6") diameter - you could make mini ones as individual petit four style morsels.

Next, Sous Chef J sprinkled the toppings on - he used mixed dried fruit, roughly chopped walnuts, dark, white and milk choc drops, chocolate flakes and chocolate strands.

When all the toppings had been added, the pizza was left to cool before slicing and eating!

Other toppings that could be used (according to your likes/dietary requirements) are - mini marshmallows, dried strawberries/cranberries, meringue pieces, crumbled crunchies, chocolate buttons, sugar strands, popping candy, Twirl bites... the list goes on.

With the melted white chocolate, we took a silicone ice cube tray and planned to use the snowman and snowflake designs.  Some decorations were dropped into the base of the moulds before the melted chocolate was drizzled in.

When the chocolate had set, the chocs were popped out of the moulds.

And that was it... a selection of home made, marvellous mouthfuls of chocolate - perfect as a gift for pals over the coming Christmas days!

Last year we made Christmas Chocolate Stirrers using the silicone mould and are planning to give them another go this year.  Sous Chef J is keen to try mixed chocolate colours and popping candy within.


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    1. Easy to make, tasty *and* chocolate... what could be better?!