Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cheesy Rarebit

The other day we needed something tasty and speedy for lunch... an offer of cheese omelette had been made to Sous Chef J but was rejected.  So, thinking quickly, and re-packaging the ingredients we had to hand, I suggested Cheesy Rarebit... which was accepted.

So, we took the bread (we used Genius Gluten Free Seeded), eggs, cheese and black pepper and set up our 'production line'.  Sous Chef J laid the bread out on the grill pan and was in charge of toasting.  I grated the cheese and beat the eggs.

The cheese was added to the beaten and seasoned eggs.

Once the toast was ready, the eggy cheese mix was spooned on... the tray of the grill pan had been covered with a silicone sheet to make it easier to clean 'in case of spillages'.

The whole lot was placed under a hot grill for 2-3 minutes (with the timer set to ensure we didn't forget) until the Rarebits were ready...

... and very good they were too.  

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