Monday, 18 July 2011

Hasta be Pasta!

Some times, usually when time or ingredients are limited, it just hasta be pasta for tea!  Sous chef J is a keen eater of pasta shapes and we find the Doves Farm gluten free organic pasta is one of our store cupboard staples.

As you'd expect, a store cupboard meal is pretty low on ingredients and sous chef J is well able to assemble them in record time.  The ingredients below feed three hungry people or four if a hearty green side salad is added...
Having gathered all the required ingredients, we chopped the onion and sweated it off in a little sunflower oil before adding the tin of chopped tomatoes to make the tomato sauce.  This was then brought to the boil and left to simmer, with the pan lid on, whilst we cooked the pasta shapes.
After about 10 minutes, we added the blocks of frozen spinach (this is something we don't always add, it can also be fresh spinach or even rocket leaves) and thoroughly mixed through.  It was then left to cook whilst we drained the pasta (having cooked it according to the instructions on the packet).
Once the pasta was drained, we melted a knob of butter in the pasta pan, added back the pasta and combined it with the tomato sauce before serving up with a topping of grated cheese (in this case sous chef J used mature cheddar).  Yummy, store cupboard food that is quick and easy to prepare. 
Couple of points to note:
  • Our non-GF pals are happy to eat this pasta and don't realise it's Gluten Free.  
  • We have tried saving this and having it as a cold lunchtime dish but, disappointingly, we have to confess it doesn't work very well as the pasta seems very rubbery once it's cooled.  Sous chef J point blank refuses to eat it cold now so make sure you finish off what you've cooked whilst it's fresh.

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  1. I will make sure we try the Dove's Farm pasta. We've tried Salute, plus have the sample packs of Juvela & Glutafin to try yet :)