Monday, 5 September 2011


This is a recipe that came my way a number of years ago when a friend's son was diagnosed with a rare type of juvenile epilepsy. Having sought input all over the UK, they resorted to networking/researching on the internet and found that the ketogenic diet was an option that may control his seizures. They undertook a very strict and controlled diet limiting his carbohydrate content and meant he ate mainly protein and fat.  Measurements were to the gram - hence the small amounts listed.  This recipe is one both he and my son could eat.  However, it's a great gluten free cracker so we make it regularly too.

We doubled the amount shown in the recipe below today, and thus used 60g of egg, which is roughly one medium egg.
Although the recipe is titled nut crackers, it's not exactly accurate as there are no nuts in them! As Sous Chef J pointed out, it should be seed crackers...

The seeds were placed in the Braun-multiquick-small-chopper-thingy and whizzed for a short time to make a lumpy powder (don't go too long/high a speed - it'll change to seed butter if you do!).

Then the seed mix was put in a bowl and the beaten egg was then added and mixed in.  Finally the olive oil was thoroughly combined with the seed/egg mix.  It should be worked until it sort of stays together, almost like dough...

This was then spread onto a non-stick tray (using silicone spatula) to an even-ish thickness.  At this point, you can lightly score the surface which makes the crackers a little easier to separate... but we forgot this step today!  The tray was then put into a pre-heated 170ÂșC fan oven on middle shelf...

The pic to the right shows the crackers as they come out of the oven after about 12-15minutes... I checked after 8 minutes and then kept a close look out as they burn rapidly.

Having placed the tray on a cooling rack for a couple of minutes, the oils are absorbed into the seed cracker and a palate knife was used to define the crackers.  Et voila... seed crackers ready for a chunk of cheese and some home made apple chutney.  These keep well in an airtight container.


The pic to the left is of the man himself... I had wondered why Sous Chef J was laughing as he wielded the camera... cheeky rascal!


  1. Oooh I like the sound of these be nice dipped in hummus! looks very easy too x

  2. Thanks! We like them... but they don't last long.

  3. It has never occurred to me to make homemade crackers, but I bet they're ten time better than shop-bought. Thanks for sharing.
    Next week's theme will be CAKES AND BAKES
    Keith (Reluctant Housedad)

  4. Thanks, Keith. Need drives our choice of things to cook mostly... but it always nice when the recipes are easy and tasty too!