Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Macrobiotic Rice

This simple recipe is a store cupboard stand-by.  It requires just four ingredients - or five if you want to add prawns to it (alas our freezer had no prawns within so we did the 'basic' version.)
So, the items were gathered for making a meal for two... as it was a speed eat (prepared before a night of tv watching) we used boil in the bag wholegrain rice.  The onions were sliced and allowed to soften in a little sunflower oil over a low heat.  (If you have prawns you can add them, uncooked, at this stage and keep on a low heat, stirring well, whilst they cook through.)

Whilst the onions were cooking, the rice was boiled and then drained.  This was then added to the onions before having a good helping of frozen, pre-chopped flat leaf parsley added.

Finally, a decent slurping (Sous Chef J's description) of tamari soy sauce was mixed through.  

And that is it... the Macrobiotic Rice was ready for serving.

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