Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tuna Bake

Today we set about making another longterm family favourite recipe into a Gluten Free version. The original recipe called for condensed chicken soup but that all seems to contain gluten so we made a substitution using mayonnaise and got cooking to see if it would work.

What we were going to use was 2 tins of tuna (drained), one tin of chopped tomatoes, 2 packets of Burt's sea salted crisps, some grated mature cheddar, some frozen peas and sweetcorn (from a can or frozen - works well with either) and some mayonnaise.


Having drained the tuna, it was added to a pyrex casserole dish and flaked using a fork.  The peas and sweetcorn were added to the dish and it was mixed through.

Next, we levelled the tuna, mayo, veg mix and added the tin of chopped tomatoes.

Then, it was over to Sous Chef J to break the crisps into little pieces before adding grated cheese to the bags and giving them a shake to incorporate the cheese into the mix.  Finally, the cheesy crisp mix was added to the dish as the topping.

The dish was then placed in a pre-heated (170ÂșC) fan oven and cooked for 40 minutes until it was bubbling throughout.

It's an easy meal that we all loved... there were no leftovers to bother with!

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