Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stuffed Dates

Dates are a favourite fruit of mine.  Sous Chef J isn't so keen but he will prepare some tasty treats from time to time.  These are a perfect home made gift that I am always happy to receive.
All that's needed are

10 Medjool Dates
20 Walnut halves
10 petit four cases

First of all, we remove stones from dates (if necessary) and open the date out a little.  It's best to make the cut lengthwise in the date.

Next, two walnut halves are placed into each date.

Finally, we serve each date in a petit four case.

Variations:  Dates can also be stuffed with whole, blanched almonds, pistachios or marzipan. Dipping them in melted dark chocolate also makes a delicious delicacy!

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