Friday, 24 August 2012

Proper Fish & Chips

When we started our gluten free regime (to support Sous Chef J) over six years ago, only the loss of a few food/meal options actually bothered us about the change.  Being a Yorkshire lass, for me fish and chips from a chippy was one of them.  Back in 2006 not many eateries seemed to know anything about what gluten was (one 'chain' restaurant's waitress famously said "oh, yes, that's eggs, isn't it"... having provided her with a brief explanation of what/where gluten is found, we left!)  But, the overwhelming urge to eat fish and chips (F&C) became stronger with time.  

Imagine our delight when we discovered a 'local' (less than ten miles away) chip shop that ALWAYS supplies gluten free F&C!  Whenever they are open, The Famous Mr Chips in Rugby sells gluten free fish and chips.  Not the first Monday of the month or just after the fat/oil/fryer has been cleaned.  No complex timetable to remember, no relief if we've got it right or dismay if we've missed the 'day'.  Fish and Chips when WE choose. 

The chip shop is at 21 Lower Hillmorton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 3ST.  Sadly, there's no website but it opens lunchtime and evenings Wednesday to Saturday.  When you order gluten free, it's treated as a special order (usually Mr Chips is in charge) and the fish is wrapped in foil, garnished with a lemon wedge and a sachet of gluten free tartare sauce is included.
Not a 'healthy' meal but it's a quick gluten free option that gives us choices we didn't have before.  Marvellous. 

If you google a map for CV21 3ST, and zoom in a bit The Famous Mr Chips is marked on it.  Barely 10 minutes West of Junction 18 of the M1... worth a diversion if you're looking for gluten free F&C goodies on a journey North/South.

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