Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just-in Case

Having experienced many years of not being able to obtain suitable Gluten Free food when out and about with Sous Chef J, we have become used to taking a bag of long life options with us "Just-in Case" and we thought we'd share some of these staple stand bys with you.  Over the last month, with Sous Chef J needing to attend even more hospital and doctors appointments than 'usual' Just-in's been used a fair few times.

The contents are pretty variable, but there's always a pack of Dietary Specials White Ciabatta rolls in there... they're long life and have been a life saver on many occasions meaning Sous Chef J hasn't had to have "yet another" jacket potato.

When this picture was taken, the contents were:-

1 packet Dietary Specials white ciabatta rolls
1 Ella's Organics The Yellow One Smoothie pouch
1 Crispy Rice Bits Bar
2 pouches of John West ready to eat tuna with black pepper

We also add fresh fruit and, if it's a chilly day, soup sachets.  Another thing we always have with us is a Lock'n'Lock container of raw nuts - cashews, pecans, macadamias and pistachios are Sous Chef J's current 'mix' of choice.

Luckily, there is quite a selection of gluten free products available in UK supermarkets these days and Sainsbury's has, according to Sous Chef J's analysis (counting the display shelf units) the largest offering.  However, our constant worry is reliable availability of gluten free eats... and, being a boy who 'likes things the way they were' we try to ensure he has a supply of goodies that he is used to eating.  This is even more important with all the additional stressors resulting from recent events.

Eat Natural Lunchies are a staple too - with clear gluten free labelling (which Sous Chef J likes).  Plus, we aim to stock Just-in with pre-wrapped cakes and biscuit packs, suitable crisps and a few other goodies. These are added to the bag when Sous Chef J's not looking.  Honeybuns, HoneyRose and Dove's Farm do good brownies and biscuits.  Burt's crisps (and all those they make - including Nando's and Reggae Reggae) are Gluten Free so we buy those whenever possible.  A-maizing tortilla chips are spicy and tasty and go well with our home made avocado dipMrs Crimbles have a great range of gluten free goods - Sous Chef J's particular favourites are the mini choc orange macaroons. 

Sous Chef J tells me we haven't included everything we buy (that would be difficult) but, hopefully, gives a few ideas for Gluten Free eating whilst out and about that may be of use.

Feel free to add comments with your favourite Gluten Free emergency supplies... the more the merrier!

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