Tuesday, 21 October 2014

No G Pies

We spotted some new-to-us pies when shopping on the ocado website. They're from Too Good to be Gluten Free and we have tried savoury pies, quiches and sweet pies.  We took a some quiches (which can be eaten cold or hot) on holiday to Norfolk with us and they were well received.

Our first taste of No G was this crustless Garden Vegetable quiche and a Cheese and Onion quiche.  Both were eaten cold as part of our lunch en route to Norfolk. We all agreed that the Cheese and Onion quiche was our preferred choice.
Once back home, we placed heated the Steak and Ale Pie in a 180ÂșC oven for 15 minutes turned the pastry a light brown which was very appealing.  The pie tasted good and is something we'd buy again.

The last time we placed an ocado order, there was a gluten free meal deal offer - 2 savoury pies/quiches, 2 sweet pies and 2 bottles of Celia lager for £10 and, as B's a fan of Celia lager, we tried out a couple of the meat pies.
Pies we bought this time were Chicken Bacon and Leek and Steak and Mushroom.  Cooking time is quoted as 15 minutes and we also heated the Cheese and  Onion quiche which worked well.  All three looked appealing once heated through.  We like the No G embossed onto the top of the pies, it makes it very clear which pies are which (no risk of mixing things up here as we only eat gluten free food but could be useful if your household also has gluten eaters in it)

Cutting into the Chicken, Bacon and Leek pie, there was a good mix of all ingredients and the sauce was not too runny.  It was a tasty pie and was my favourite. 

The Steak and Mushroom pie also had a good look when it was cut and held together well.  This was B's favourite pie.

Sous Chef J liked the quiche and ate it too quickly for us to get a picture of it!

We all liked the savoury pastry - it was flaky but not too short and held together well.
The Lemon Tart filling was sharp and tasty and held together well.

Another dessert tart we tried out contained chocolate and morello cherry.  We particularly liked the crisp, chocolate pastry and that the filling was not too sweet.  Served with fresh cream, this was a real treat.

These products are made in Nottingham and are something we'll definitely add to our list of easy to make meals.

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