Monday, 13 October 2014

Udi's Gluten Free Expanded Range

We were contacted  to see if we'd be interested in trying some of the new range of Udi's Gluten Free products.  As we're always on the look out for things to make our days out less challenging, we said yes and a hamper was delivered.  It contained bagels (plain and multi seeded), a two pack of Blueberry muffins, some milk chocolate wafer biscuits and plain bagel chips.

First we tried the plain bagel.  It's been years since we've been able to have a brunch favourite - smoked salmon and cream cheese.

So we gave it a go...

... spreading a layer of cream cheese on the cut bagel, placing some slices of smoked salmon on and then drenching with freshly squeezed lemon and lots of ground black pepper.

It was as tasty as we remembered!

The seeded bagels were nice and soft, with an even distribution of seeds throughout.  These were topped with slices of cheddar cheese and mango chutney. YUM!

The Chocolate Wafers made a perfect accompaniment for our elevenses and Sous Chef J liked their texture very much.  There were 3 sections within the packet, each containing 6 wafers. We discovered, looking at the calorie chart on the packet, that 2 wafers are equivalent to about 80 calories.
The bagel chips are very crispy and, being nut free as well, are a good addition to the range.
Having had a speedy day out and about, we were delighted to try the blueberry muffins once we got home.  Sous Chef J polished his off in no time, liking the soft texture very much... he is now keen to get more to take on days out.

Disclosure - we were sent the products to try.  We were not paid to review the items and did not have to write a positive blogpost. All views are our own.

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