Thursday, 4 February 2016

Small Spicy Bundt Cake

We found this recipe, printed out, from 2012 and finally decided to give it a go.  Using a 1 litre Bundt tin (from Aldi) we gathered the following ingredients
  • 375g plain flour (we used Dove's Farm Gluten Free)
  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda (we used Dr Oetker)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • less than ½ tsp grated nutmeg
  • ½ tsp ground allspice
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 125 ml sunflower oil
  • 72½g/dark muscovado sugar (we used a dessert spoon to break up the naturally forming clumps when it was added to the caster sugar)
  • 72½g caster sugar
  • 72½g pecans chopped (we used the OXO good grips chopper)
  • 225g cored, peeled and diced bramley (cooking) apples

   We greased the Bundt tin well with melted butter before lightly flouring with plain Gluten Free flour.

   The eggs were beaten with the vanilla extract and sugar until they had lightened and increased in volume.

   The sunflower oil was then added in a steady stream until batter was quite thick.

   Having sifted the flour, bicarb and spices into a large bowl, they were added, a spoonful at a time, to the batter, mixing well after each spoonful.

Next we folded in the pecans and diced apple.

   The mix (which was quite firm) was then placed in pre-greased Bundt tin and cooked in a pre heated oven to 180ºC for 40 minutes.  We checked with a skewer after 30 minutes but returned the oven until the skewer came out cleanly.

   We allowed the cake to cool in its tin for 10 minutes before turning onto rack to cool completely.

   Finally, the cake was decorated with water icing (you could also add chopped, spiced nuts) once completely cooled.

The cake was a huge success, and rose more than we'd expected it to... a variation we will try next is soaked date in place of the apple and walnuts instead of the pecans.  

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  1. Just made this as a Date and Walnut version... highly successful replacement of pecans with walnuts and chopped, soaked dates instead of the apple. All spices replaced with a teaspoon of ground mixed spice. Iced with maple syrup water ice. YUM :D