Friday, 13 January 2017

Trilobite 'tatoes

We are always on the look out for really simple 'dishes' to make.. and these potatoes, a variation on Hasselback, work out well every time they are made.

Starting with some mid-sized potatoes (we used King Edward), they were cut in half along the 'long' axis. 

Placing the potato, cut side down, on the work surface next to the chopping board, a sharp knife was used to slice finely without going through to the surface (the chopping board ensures the knife doesn't cut all the way through.)

Once all the potato halves were sliced, they were put in a pot, drizzled with oil (we used sunflower) and shaken to ensure an even coating.

The potatoes were transferred to a baking tray (cut side down), seasoned with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt, and roasted in a pre-heated oven (170C fan) for about 20 minutes.  After this time, they were checked, and returned to the oven until they were thoroughly cooked.

When cooked, the potatoes open up slightly and have a lovely, fluffy interior with a crispy base.  We find this is a quicker and more reliable way to make crunchy-enough potatoes for J to eat!

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