Friday, 11 March 2011

Flipping Good Pancakes

Pancake Day on Tuesday was a great success this year... thanks to the 4 Grain Pancake Mix from Hale & Hearty Foods ( as it is wheat and gluten free and very easy to use.To make things as simple as possible, we gathered all the required ingredients together and then the 'making' was undertaken by the household's sous chef.

Having put the contents of one of the bags of flour into a bowl, Sous Chef J measured out the wet ingredients to add to the bowl of flour.
He then mixed the ingredients to form a rather thick batter, and it was ti
me to start cooking!

Sous Chef J was in his element
and had decided to use a ladle to ensure portion control....The pancakes were a little thick to begin with, so some more milk was added to make the batter rather a lot more runny. (We use almond milk as we still avoid cow's milk wherever possible... but this worked fine) As you can see, the pancakes looked lovely as they cooked... although they were even better once engulfed in maple syrup prior to eating... ... and here's a pic of the chef enjoying the fruits of his labours!

In fact, so successful was the whole thing that the pancakes were eaten as fast as they were prepared... and it was a close run race to get to them prior to Sous Chef J.

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