Saturday, 23 July 2011

Genius Toasted Teacakes

After a bit of searching, and some shelf climbing, I finally managed to find some Genius Gluten Free Teacakes today. It's a shame they were 'stacked' at the very back of the top shelf in the free from aisle but I knew they were there and I wasn't leaving the store without buying some. They are fresh baked and appeared much as I remember gluten-containing teacakes being.  With a nice spicy smell and open, soft texture meant we were keen to try them.
Once home, Sous Chef J and I cut them in half and then proceeded to toast them - using a skillet lined with silicone paper.  We don't have a toaster (never replaced our gluten-crumb-infested one when we went Gluten Free) and toasting in a pan works well given the limited amount of times we actually need to toast something. 
Sous Chef J was in charge of the timer as this is a critical bit of kit when toasting in a pan... especially so if you have your mind on other things.  You can guarantee that if you look away "just for a second" the smoke alarm will sound to indicate you've incinerated your meal!
Anyway, this time we were on the ball.  Our teacakes toasted beautifully, were spread with butter and devoured in record time.  No sooner had they been prepared than they were gone.  A sure sign that we have another off-the-shelf gluten free bakery item to add to our list of "like-to-haves"!  Thank you @GeniusFoods ... now let's pray the local store keeps stocking them.

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