Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Very Chocolate-y Tortes

Sous Chef J was feeling a little better the other day so agreed to a speed shop at M&S 'for food only'... and, as we were already in the area (trying to buy some suitable waterproof boots for him for winter) we popped in.

We stocked up on the 'usual' Gluten Free Chicken and don't-mention-the-mushroom crispbakes as well as salmon fishcakes which were on a 2 packs for £3 offer.  Were unable to get the Gluten Free breaded chicken breasts as the shelf was bare.  Cue my usual gripe about "reliability of availability"...

Luckily I remembered a tweet showing a pic of a dessert we hadn't seen before and, in the blink of an eye, Sous Chef J had located 'said pud'.  M&S describe the dessert as a 2 pack of "rich and velvety Belgian chocolate truffle tortes, made to a flourless recipe."

The Truly Chocolate desserts can be eaten hot or cold.  We went for cold as it was quicker!

The dessert is a very chocolatey offering and, although tasty, the portion size defeated Sous Chef J so we saved half for another time.  Each torte is 100g and contains 445kcal.

J attempted to eat as much as he could but was 'exhausted' after his efforts.  Given that he's been finding it hard to rustle up an appetite recently, the chocolate pud worked to tempt his tastebuds.  Plus, it  filled him with quite a few calories without too much hard work on his part.

We think the tortes would be good served warm and will try them that way next time...


  1. Wow, flourless chocolate torte! Gluten free products are definitely improve.

    1. Hi C.
      Yup, the range of Gluten Free products does seem to be increasing... about time too!

  2. Blogring hopping and saying hello :) Those tortes look so yummy :)

  3. Hello Zoe, thanks for popping by!