Monday, 28 January 2013

Chocolate Snowballs

Recent snowy weather in the UK got Sous Chef J thinking about foods with a snowy theme.  We came up with a plan to make a gooey interior, coat it in chocolate and roll in 'snow'.  They are a no cook treat and, be warned, you *may* get messy!

The ingredients we used for the 'inners' were-

100g gluten free oats
100g caster sugar
30g melted butter
1½ Tablespoons cold coffee
1 heaped dessert spoon cocoa powder

For the 'outers' we melted 75g milk chocolate and had 20g dessicated coconut ready for rolling in.

The oats were whizzed in a hand blender.  After adding the other dry ingredients the 'inners' to the whizzing pot, we whizzed the mix some more.  Then the melted butter and coffee were added and it was whizzed again until the mix came together in a damp dough.

Using a measuring spoon, the mix was divided into Tablespoon sized portions and rolled.  We got ten portions from the mix we made and they were placed on a lined baking tray.  Once all the mix was rolled, the tray was covered in cling film and placed in the fridge for an hour.

Having checked the 'inners' were chilled through and fairly solid, the milk chocolate was melted.  After coating the 'inners' in the chocolate, they were then rolled in the coconut.  The snowballs were then returned to the fridge to harden.

These are a sweet, bite sized treat and we were quite happy with how they turned out.

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