Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chocolate Fudge


Forget the calories involved in this dish... if you're bothered about them, then this recipe is not for you!  We've been trying to make fudge for a couple of years (not continuously!) and found this recipe online which seemed promising... it needs just one can of condensed milk (397g), 4 Tablespoons of butter (we used 62g) and a POUND of chocolate (eek).

Gathering the chocolate, we went for a mixture of bars (broken up), chips and nibs... milk and plain.

Then the butter and chocolate were placed in a metal bowl which went over a pan with boiling water in.

At this point the condensed milk was added and the mix was left to heat through.

We then stirred the mix regularly until it was smooth before turning into a greased and double clingwrap lined Pyrex dish.

The fudge was then left to cool before being covered with more cling film and then put in the fridge to set completely.  Once cooled it was divided into very small pieces and stored in airtight containers.  We put some in cellophane bags for gifts for friends and the rest was ALL FOR US!  (it did last a very long time)

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