Thursday, 13 March 2014

Simple Salmon Fishcakes

It's a bit of a stretch to call this a recipe... it's more of a matter of assembling things!  A simple store-cupboard meal which we enjoy and hope you will too. 

The ingredients (if you can call them that) are a tin of salmon, one egg, some left over root vegetable mash and freshly ground black pepper.

After draining the tinned salmon, the bones and skin were removed.

The salmon was then mixed in with the mashed vegetables and seasoned well.

Next, the salmon/mash mix was formed into little patties/fishcakes using a silicone measuring cup... you could also use ramekins, spoons or your hands to do this.

Once formed, the fishcakes were coated in beaten egg.

Having heated some butter and oil in a frying pan, the fishcakes were cooked until golden brown.

We served our fishcakes with steamed broccoli florets this time but peas, sweetcorn or a green salad would also work well.

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