Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

 One of Sous Chef J's favourite meals is jacket potatoes and we wondered whether we could use our slow cooker to make them... so we gave it a try.

First of all, we placed a little scrunched up tin foil in the base of the cooker then arranged six mid sized potatoes around the slow cooker.  The lid was placed on (it needs to be a snug fit to stop water/heat escaping.)

The cooker was set to high... and, as we needed the potatoes for lunchtime, we left them on high for about four hours and they were done.

This is what the cooker looked like at during cooking... you can see that there is quite a lot of moisture inside the cooker. Some has also escaped out.

Here is what the potatoes looked like after cooking.  They are moist and soft.  The points where the potatoes touched the ceramic pot were crisp.

The pot was switched off at this stage and care was taken removing the potatoes as they are hot and very soft.  We found some tongs worked well.

A good amount of butter and some freshly ground black pepper were added and our meal was ready.

We have tried this when going out for the afternoon - starting the cooking off on high for about an hour and then reducing to low for the remainder of the cooking time.  We find 4-5 hours will cook the potatoes through but, obviously, that depends on their size and also the power of the cooker.  Ours is a very basic, 3 litre cooker with settings labelled as High, Low and Warm.


  1. Hi, I tried this today, the taste & texture are better than when cooked in my oven. Will always do my spuds in the slow cooker now :-)
    Many thanks.


  2. Good to hear you tried these and, even better, that you liked them! Thanks for letting us know :-)


  3. This time I slow cooked one Big spud, it came out perfect.. soft and fluffy inside and the skin had a crunch to it, YUMMY! Then I change the healthy meal into a heart attack special with lashings of full fat butter & cheddar cheese ~ Toms (aka Graham)

    1. Great to hear that these were good enough to try again! We love butter and cheese toppings too... a little of what you fancy does you good, so they say.